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About Us

Even in a field with such low unemployment and an ever growing selection of opportunity, whether entry-level or experienced, cybersecurity professionals are still facing difficulties when trying to find the right jobs.

With a significant lack of standardization in job titles and descriptions, cybersecurity professionals are stuck wasting time being misdirected reading heavy and convoluted listings.

Left to question positions with responsibilities and skill requirements that don’t quite match up to their titles. Down to conflicting statements on what certifications are mandatory or preferred.

Overall making it difficult to find their perfect fit.Whether it’s getting higher compensation, climbing up the corporate ladder, making more money while working on a part-time or remote job; or finding a position closer to home that drives your career move, we want to help you get there.

Through the power of natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies, strives to aid cybersecurity professionals in eliminating that confusion and redirecting their journey towards their career objectives.

We are doing this by providing free tools to soothe the frustrations that come with finding the right job; down to fostering a friendly and energetic community.

A place where cybersecurity professionals can get clarity, learn, share views and positively engage in an ever-evolving technological landscape.