Boost Employee Morale: 5 Tips to Connect Your Team

A motivated team is a happy team! Having employees that are excited, happy with their jobs, and are motivated; is an essential component for any business. If a team member isn’t happy, there is a direct correlation to the  their work potentially suffering due to this. When employers take care of their employees, their employees take care of their business. That goes for all types of employees; part, full time and even your contract hires.

Even though your contract hires may have a limited and set timeline as to how long they're going to be a part of your company team, their well-being should always be nonetheless taken into consideration. Their position may be temporary, but their efforts towards your company will be lasting. Making all employees feel like they're asset and part of the team is the real key to accomplishing great work.



Show your employees how much you value them and their extra efforts! Naturally when given an incentive, it is a gentle reminder or encouragement for employees to go above and beyond what's already expected. Let's be honest here, no one wants to do more work or put in the extra effort if they are not getting acknowledgement or something in return. It's human nature, we do the things we do because of the responses we generate from those actions. 

At the end of the day nothing feels better than being rewarded for all the hard work and passion you put into something. Lack of incentives will only keep your team doing the bare minimum. Nurture and your rewards your employees by encouraging them to challenge themselves. When deciding on an incentive make sure it is something your employees hold value to. 

When it comes down to it, incentives are more for them than they are for you. For example, a winning prize of coupons to your establishment may not light the creative work fire your employees need. Cash, trending prizes, or even additional vacation days are examples of something your employees could really utilize. This would be more appealing and more likely to drive the motivational results and efforts you are looking for.


Most companies have two separate allotments for time-off; sick days or personal days. However, you should consider allowing both your permanent and contract employees to use their sick days to take focus on their mental health. The mind is just as important as the rest of the body. It needs time to heal equally say as if someone was trying to come over from the flu.

If a person is experiencing situations of extreme stress, anxiety, or another intellectual problem; they aren’t going to be able to operate at full capacity. They’ll be distracted, unmotivated, disinterested. and their work will surely fall short. It's vital to take a step back from your work time to time and recalibrate your mind. Attempting to truck through extreme mental situations will only hurt both you and the employee in the long run. Damaging the employee's overall health, and the company's productivity. 

We are all human, we do not live in a perfect world; therefore we need to be able to allow ourselves to heal physically and mentally when it calls for it. Providing the opportunity for employees to step back and to take time to focus on their mental health will not only allow them to recharge and get the most out of their work when they come back; but it will show them that you truly care about their well-being beyond what they can provide for your company.



A great way to boost morale and encourage strengthening team chemistry is to give your team something fun to do outside of the work space. Set aside time where the entire team can grow and connect outside of obligatory work interactions. 

Schedule a company happy hour; go out to dinner as a group, head to the local bowling alley or nearby driving range. Anything that is fun, relaxing, encourages social interactions, and is non-work-related; most importantly cost nothing for your team. When you provide the opportunity for your team members to connect outside of work, you provide the environment for stronger team relationships to flourish. 

The connections they develop outside of work will positively translate into the office when it comes down to working together on a project. Nurturing a better connected and flowing team effort.


There is no better way to figure out how to help boost team morale and productivity than to simply ask your team! Instead of just guessing or making assumptions; direct feedback can send you down the right path when working towards encouraging and nurturing your employees. 

Ask your team about what kind of changes they need, and then do your best to make those changes happen. Staff members want to know and feel more respected when their their voices are heard and shown that they matter.

Your employees will overall feel more connected to the company. When reaching out for feedback, be sure to be as upfront and candid as possible. Seek their advice, take their suggestions, and try to make as cohesive of a work environment as you possibly can.


It is important that your team has a space that they can go to while at work to take a little breather. No one wants to be glued to their desk for eight straight hours. Not only that, it's the farthest thing from efficient. Not allowing addiquient time or space for breaks during the work day can actually decrease productivity and lower the quality of work. More time is wasted on the task at hand that could have easily been done more effective and quicker should one had take the time to step back and refresh their mind. 

Employees need to stretch their legs and take their mind off of work for a few minutes every now and then. This time one the side line could also encourage employees to come up with new or better ideas. When taking a moment aside, this allows you to think clearer and declutter your thoughts. 

Provide a breakroom with some fun activities for anyone to partake in. Whether it be a ping pong table, a space with magazines, or just a spot with comfy couches, your team will operate much better if they can blow off steam. Be sure to pop in and join in on whatever fun activity they're doing. This shows your employees that you're not only empathetic of what stresses them out, but that you're just as human as they are.

 The Shining  -  1980 

The Shining  -  1980 

Taking care of your employees will do nothing but benefit your company's efforts in the long run. Happy and healthy employees mean stronger and more motivated fuel for your company's engine. Your employees are the backbone in which your company is able to drive on. Build them up, while they help build you; because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.