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What is + is an exclusive online platform that connects candidates (job seekers) and employers (hiring managers and teams) directly without any intermediaries, such as a primary vendor or staffing firm.

Where is located? + is located in Princeton, NJ.

How does work? +

  • Once a job requisition is created,’s cognitive (AI) engine will match you with compatible candidates within our talent community and immediately reach out to them through various communication channels.

  • Upon their approval, will submit matched candidates' profiles for your consideration, and their resumes will be queued for your hiring managers to review.

Why should I hire through +

  • Save 5% - 30% on hiring costs.
  • Fill open positions faster.
  • Seamlessly manage every step of the hiring process in one platform.
  • View candidate profiles that are the best matched and most qualified, as per your preferences.

How does find candidates? + uses various advanced, cutting edge digital and traditional marketing capabilities to build a highly qualified talent community. Our Talent Acquisition Analysts are continuously inviting new talents to sign up in our platform.

What career fields does cater to? + is an online platform which aims to connect companies and hiring managers with talents from different industries. From administrative to creative to technical roles; we support a wide range of job requisitions for any career field.

What types of companies use +

We work with Fortune 50 to Fortune 10000 companies.

Do I need a special software to use +

No. All you need is internet access and a account to use the website.

Can you integrate any VMS? +

Yes, we can integrate any VMS.

How does my company get started? +

The first step is to simply sign up for an account for your company. Once your account is set up, you can start posting job openings within your company. Define your job requirements and add as much detail about your open position/s as possible. You can even add a screening test, if necessary, and work commitments such as contract, contract-to-hire or full time.

Do I have to provide compensation information when I post a position? +

Yes, providing as much information about your open position, such as salary range, will increase your chances of finding a candidate who is the best match for your company.

What kind of screening tests can I do? How does facilitate screening tests? + makes the screening processes simple by automatically pulling a candidate’s skills set information and sending them a skills test. As the hiring manager, you have the ability to change the level of skill you’re looking for and set other parameters that will measure the candidate’s qualifications. Our intelligent AI system will then send you a candidate report for review.

How quickly can I get someone into the position I am hoping to fill? +

Once identifies compatible candidates from our talent community and sends you a shortlist; you can immediately review their profiles, resumes and then proceed with your hiring process.

Does manage my communication with candidates? +

Yes. After notifies compatible candidates of your job requisition and upon their approval to submit their profiles to you, you can begin the hiring process. You can handle all your communication efforts through the seamless platform, such as scheduling interviews with the best matched candidates. If you need any assistance, you can always reach out to our Customer Success Manager at for help.

What type of work engagement can I offer a candidate within my company? +

You can indicate work engagement types such as contract, contract-to-hire or full time when you post your job openings on Our platform will then find matching candidates based on your preferences.

How do I onboard a selected candidate? +

Onboarding your selected candidate from the platform is the same as the onboarding process implemented at your company. Once you have made an offer and the candidate has accepted; we will work with your procurement, HR or labor program to adhere to your policies, compliance and Master Service Agreements. We will work with your pass-through or payroll vendor to become the candidate's employer of record. This process is very similar to how a referral candidate is onboarded.

How is priced? + charges a small flat rate fee based on your hiring needs. Other factors can influence your fees such as the number of positions needed to be filled and the number of hiring managers that will need access to your company account.

Who do I contact if I have any concerns with the hiring process? +

You can reach our Customer Success Managers 24/7 through phone, chat or email at

Can anyone see or apply to a position I posted on +

No. Only candidates that best match your desired qualifications and other preferences will be notified of your open positions.

If I already have a candidate in mind, can I invite them to apply for the position? +

You are free to have candidates apply for your open position. However, they will need to sign up for a candidate profile to be able to apply directly through the platform.

How are payments to candidates managed? +

You can manage payments to selected candidates by using your own payroll system. You also have the option to utilize the payroll system.