What is glasssquid.io?

+ glasssquid.io is an exclusive online platform that connects candidates (job seekers) and employers (hiring managers and teams) directly without any intermediaries, such as a primary vendor or staffing firm.

Where is glasssquid.io located? +

glasssquid.io is located in Princeton, NJ.

How does glasssquid.io work? +

Through cognitive artificial intelligence, glasssquid.io takes the information from your resume and your personal preferences to match you with prospective employers looking to fill relevant positions. You will then be notified of these job matches and your profile will be submitted to the hiring manager upon your approval - all through a seamless automation system.

How do I find jobs on glasssquid.io? +

Once you've registered on the platform, uploaded your resume, added your skills set, and completed the preferences section; glasssquid.io will then notify you of any matching jobs openings and their details. You will have the opportunity to review and approve these job matches so that your resume and profile can be submitted directly to hiring managers.

Can I see my current status with my matched jobs? +

Yes, you will be able to see the current status of all your matched jobs, inclding jobs that are closed. You will be able to view every step of the application process of each job that you have applied for; such as initial phone interview, screening tests, in-person interview and onboarding. You will also see the status of jobs that you have applied for but haven't received an offer.

Why should I work with glasssquid.io? +

  • Instead of getting calls from recruiters and answering the same questions repeatedly, even for irrelevant jobs; you'll only be notified of job opportunities that are a best match to your skills and experience.
  • You'll also have the ability to speak with hiring managers directly, without having to go through recruiters!
  • You'll get 5% - 15% more on billed rates with no staffing firms or vendors between you and the employer.
  • You'll get interview feedback in real-time, and receive total transparency with seeing how much an employer is offering and how much you will get paid.
  • glasssquid.io allows you to get offers 3x faster and you can start communicating with hiring managers as soon as jobs are posted and matched.

How much does glasssquid.io cost? +

Not only is glassquid.io completely free for all job seekers, we're also offering a signing on bonus as soon as you land a job right through our platform!

What kind of jobs are there in glasssquid.io? +

glasssquid.io is currently working with companies from different industries. We cater to a wide range of job seekers for roles in various fields. We are constantly adding new job requisitions to the platform. Please subscribe to receive alerts when new opportunities are available.

What kind of clients do you work with? +

We work with fortune 50 to fortune 10000 companies.

How does glasssquid.io make money? +

glasssquid.io charges a small flat fee directly to the employers based on their bill rate.

Does glassquid.io work with sub-contractor’s candidates? +

glasssquid.io works with sub-contracting firms and candidates based on employer preferences. For instance, if the employer currently works with primary vendors who source and place candidates from sub-contracting firms; then glasssquid.io will work with the candidate and the sub-contracting firm.

What will the application process be like? +

With complete transparency, employers will provide information on their application process in each job's profile description. From screening tests to in-person interviews, you will be able to see these required steps for every job that matches your profile.

How will I get the offer and onboarded, as there is no primary vendor or staffing firm involved? +

Once you are selected, you will be provided with information on the specific payroll provider who will be responsible for your onboarding. If you have any questions, please contact our Talent Success Analyst and we will continue to guide you through the process.

How do I get in contact with glasssquid.io?+

You can reach our Talent Success Analysts 24/7 through phone, chat, or email at talentsuccess@glasssquid.io.

How will I be paid? +

Each employer has a payroll provider and system in place. After onboarding, you will be placed into their system and the employer will pay you as per their usual payroll timeline.

How can I get benefits like Medical, Dental, 401K, etc.? +

You can reach out to the assigned payroll provider to inquire on how to enroll in their benefits programs.

How is glasssquid.io different from staffing agencies and job boards (e.g. Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed)? +

glasssquid.io's procurement process is unique. Unlike staffing agencies and job boards, glasssquid.io uses cognitive computing technology to identify talents such as yourself and find compatible job opportunities. We don't post jobs like a job board or send you notifications to job postings that do not match your skills set, experience and expertise. Rather, we develop talent communities to be presented with a much larger number of job opportunities. Our mission is to provide talents like you with a cutting-edge, technology-enabled and data-driven experience; coupled with a human touch by our Talent Success Analysts all while connecting you with the right matching jobs.

What types of work engagements does glasssquid.io place job seekers in? +

glasssquid.io will connect you with employers looking to fill jobs according to your work engagement preferences. These can be contract, contract-to-hire or full time work engagements.

I know other job seekers who may find glasssquid.io useful. Are there any incentives for referring friends? +

Our talent community members can refer friends online, track their progress, and receive credit/points when their referrals connect with an employer. We offer a number of ways in which our members can redeem rewards.