1. What is is an exclusive online platform connecting candidates (Contract job seekers) and Clients hiring managers and teams directly without any intermediaries like a primary vendor or staffing firm.

2. Where is located? is located in Princeton, NJ

3. How does work?

Once the candidate (contract job seeker) registers in the platform, uploads the resume, complete the preferences section,’s cognitive matching (AI) engine will match the relevant jobs and will be notified to the candidate for his or her approval to be submitted to the hiring manager all through by the seamless automation.

4. How do I find jobs in

After your registration with all the preferences, matches the open jobs with your preferences and notifies the matching jobs and details. you will have to review and approve so that your resume and profile will be submitted to the hiring manager directly. You will be able to see only the matched jobs to your profile with the current status, matched jobs that are closed, jobs that you had applied and had being rejected either with or without an interview.

5. Why should I work with

You will see only the jobs that are matching as per your preferences instead of recruiters calling you and asking the same questions repeatedly even though the job is not a match for you

  • Talk to the Hiring Managers directly! No recruiters! You don't have to deal with recruiters judging your technical skills

  • Get 5% - 15% more billing rates. No staffing firms or vendors between you, and the client

  • Get interview outcomes in real-time! Total transparency in how much client pays and how much you are paid

  • Get offers 3 x faster !!, You can start communicating with the client as soon as the job is posted

6. How much does cost?


Not only is is completely free for all job seekers, but we'll send you a signing bonus if you land a contract role through our platform.

7. What kind of jobs are there in

Currently works with clients for development technologies like Java, .net, mobile (IOS and Android) Python, C++ jobs. We will be adding new technologies monthly. Please subscribe and will notify when we add new skills and technology jobs to the platform

8. What kind of clients do you work with?

We work with anyone from fortune 50 to fortune 10000 companies where they have a huge contractor population supporting their technology operations.

9. How does make money? charges a small flat to the client on client’s bill rate for clients using the platform. You as a consultant will have complete transparency on what the client is paying and what you will be paid as well.

10. Does work with sub-contractor’s candidates? works with sub-contracting firms and candidates based on each client’s preferences, for ex. Currently if the client works with primary vendors who source and place candidates from sub-contracting firms, then we can work with the candidate and the subcontracting firm as well.

11. Why I am not getting any job notifications the platform?

Based on the preferences, there may not be matching jobs to be notified. We believe in matching and notifying you with the matched jobs only as per the preferences so that candidate will have amazing experience with the platform.

12. What will be interviewing process?

For each matching job, Interview process will be mentioned that will be sent to you. it can be first round phone interview, 2nd round in person or video interview or 3rd in person interview. Right from the day one, you will know the interview process for each job.

13. How will I get the offer and onboarded as there is no primary vendor or staffing firm involved?

Once you are selected, you will be provided the details regarding the specific payroll provider who will be responsible for onboarding. If you are still unsure, please contact our Talent Success Analyst team and let them know.

14. How do I contact with

You can reach our Talent Success Analysts anytime 24*7 through phone, chat or email at

15. Whom should I connect with at for contract job openings?

Based on your preferences, all the matching jobs will be sent to you thru the preferred communication methods, after your review and approval, your profile will be submitted to the hiring manager.

16. How will I get or my company get paid?

Payroll provider will be the employer of record and will pay you as per the pay rolling timelines.

17. How can I get benefits like Medical, Dental, 401K, etc.?

You can reach out to the assigned payroll provider for enrolling into their benefits programs.

18. What’s different about How is it different from staffing agencies and job boards (e.g. Monster, CareerBuilder)? uses cognitive computing technology and Talent Success Analysts to identify and invite new members to join when we believe we can match their skills, experience and expertise to the contract jobs or likely demand contract jobs. This will ensure highest level of accuracy in connecting them with matching contract job. We don’t post jobs like a job board or send contract jobs that are not a match, but rather develop Talent communities to be presented to a much large number of contract job opportunities. Our mission is to provide you with a cutting technology-enabled, Data Driven and human touch experience while connecting you with right matching contract jobs.

19. What types of work engagements does place job seekers in?

We are all about connecting you with an opportunity with one of our customers that meets your contract engagement preferences it can be contract, full time, or contract to hire. Depending on the preferences you indicate, we will connect you with the right customer and jobs.

20. Can I refer friends? Are there any incentives for referring friends?

Our Talent Community members can refer friends online, track their progress, and eventually receive credit/points when referred friends connect with a job.  There are number of ways in which our members can redeem either monetary or referral credits for rewards.