A Job Description Analytical Tool for Cybersecurity Professionals

One of the biggest problems that occurs when searching for a job is the lack of standardization in regards to job titles and their descriptions.

Especially within the field of cybersecurity. Loaded up with too much grey area and not enough black and white.

Misleading you down a rabbit hole of wasted time, misinformation, and applying to the wrong job. Well we’ve heard your struggles and decided to do something about it.



INKblot is an interactive visual tool to help cybersecurity professionals better understand job vacancies in simpler terms. Converting the job description, qualifications, and skills into an easy to read visual breakdown.

Not only does it simplify your job search, it aids in improving your chances of getting hired because you have a better impression on how much of a fit that particular job is for you!


INKblot Features


Plug In and Go!

Inkblot is a simple UI tool, with no download necessary. All you need to do is copy and paste the job description into the tool. Any job description, no matter the source, will do. You can also copy the Job URL and we will extract, parse, and analyze the job for you.

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Equipped to generate visuals, INKblot is designed for easy and quick understanding.

Giving you a better idea as to what the:

  • Standardized role title is.

  • Level of each skill set that is involved.

  • What technologies or certifications would be required.

  • Down to a list of relevant keywords to add to your resume in order to help you rank higher through the companies applicant filtration systems.

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After you get your visualized job description, you can now assess the position and get a better understanding as to whether not the role is a good fit for you. Bypassing all the confusing and non standardized jargon. Save time by applying to only jobs that truly fit your requirements and ditching the ones that don’t match.

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