INKblot™ is an interactive visual tool to help cyber security professionals better understand job vacancies in simpler terms. Converting the job description, qualifications, and skills into an easy to read visual breakdown.

Not only does it simplify your job search, it aids in improving your chances of getting hired because you have a better impression on how much of a fit that particular job is for you!


Key Features


A. Color Coordination

INKblot™ will breakdown and visualize the job description through a color coordination and key domains assignment system.

This allows you to focus on specific requirements, areas of expertise, or skills needed to better understand the role in question.

Colored tags can be toggled on or off to better customize your job search.

B. Preferences & Resume Matching

Filling in your profile is essential to make sure you are paired with the right jobs that closely fit your needs.

After you’ve set up your preferences, we will provide you with a general match percentage based on those selected settings.

To get a more personalized match percentage, then it’s important to upload your resume.

From there, we can then directly compare it to the jobs in our database and provide you with a more accurate match percentage.

C. Keywords

The keyword section of the tool provides you with relevant and recommended keywords.

Relevant keywords refers to the job description itself. Key components essential to the position.

Recommended keywords refers to terms that should be included in the body of your resume.

These keywords will help boost your resume and improve your odds of getting through ATS (Applicant filtration systems) filtration systems.


How do I use INKblot™?



INKblot™ is a simple UI tool, with no download necessary. All you need to do is copy and paste the job description into the tool.

Any job description, no matter the source, will do. From there, we will extract, parse, and analyze the job for you.



Get a better idea as to what the job is about.

  • Standardized role title is.

  • Level of each skill set that is involved.

  • What technologies or certifications would be required.

  • Down to a list of relevant keywords to add to your resume in order to help you rank higher through the companies applicant filtration systems (ATS).



After you get your visualized job description, you can now assess the position and get a better understanding as to whether not the role is a good fit for you. Bypassing all the confusing and non standardized jargon.

Apply to cyber security jobs strategically. No more questioning yourself as to whether or not you fit a particular role.