5 Reasons You Might Consider an IT Contract Job Offer

Unless you’re living under a rock, you might have noticed how times have been changing significantly, specifically in how people perceive work. Of course, it’s a no brainer that culture plays a huge role in the evolving trends and vice versa. This includes the kind of jobs that become available - and the ones that are now obsolete.

We are quite lucky to have witnessed the coming of the internet age where remote jobs are available in cyberspace. Then marry that innovation with an ‘irregular’ type of work structure, one that does not fit in the box of a steady 9-to-5. You have your freelance gigs, project-based gigs, and contractual gigs to name a few.  More and more companies nowadays also turn to contractual employment, rather than the usual long-term full-time counterpart. 

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The common misconception with contractual work is that it is unstable. While this holds true in some way, it is based on a perception that a 9-to-5 is the most secure and safest employment bet. Safe and secure traditional working opportunities are no longer the only way to make a living; this paradigm is pretty much outdated.

If you want to find a new job in IT, and you want to step outside of the traditional work metrics, you may want to consider looking at IT contingent opportunities. For a couple of reasons, when researching IT contingent opportunities you may find that:


When you have the opportunity to take on a variety of IT contract jobs, you then open yourself up to cultivating a multitude of different experiences. While it is still possible to gain quality experience from a set job at a single workplace, the rate at which you will grow may be slower. Be it that you learn new technologies, methodologies, or how to handle certain situations; expanding yourself could form slower as opposed to having taken a contract opportunity. 

Contractual work allows you to gain experience within different types of companies, without needing to make the personal choice to jump from job to job. Thus, providing a more constructive experience and a varied line of exposure that will increase your marketability. Being a well rounded individual looks great when placed on a resume. It can help set you apart from the rest of the talent pool. 


In direct correlation to the variety of exposure contractual work can get you, each gained experience can be added to your belt to be used towards adjusting your future rates.

With the usual full-time or long-term tenure, you eventually get a promotion and/or raise after serving with the company for a certain duration of time. Typically, you will only get to increase your asking rate when and if you’ve spent 5 or so years working with a particular company. 

With contractual work, it won’t take you years of experience to lift your earning potential. With each new contract job there is a whole new world to learn from, especially since no two companies are exactly the same.

Every IT contract opportunity allows you to perform different processes and use different systems. So imagine how diverse your experiences will become as you engage in one contract job to another.


Let’s face it, job hunting is no joke. Most of the time, there will be more demand than there is supply. Specifically in the traditional full-time employment field. In regards to the nature of contract jobs, it is typically easier and faster to come across open job opportunities; particularly within IT

As a contractor, you can leverage AI recruiting platforms to assist you when it comes down to finding new IT contingent opportunities.This way, even though the work may be temporary, you can still be secure knowing that another opportunity is waiting for you right around the corner.


If you happen to land an IT job with a company that you really like, and lady luck is whistling on your side, there may be a great chance to upgrade your position into a more permanent placement within the company. 

For the steady IT professional, this perk can be extra appealing, as hopping from one job to another may not be something they would prefer long term. Eventually looking to settle down in one place.

If this is something you resonate with, then contractual work can help you try on a company before buying. Giving your the opportunity to truly find your perfect fit, without having to make the long term commitment. Even though you are trying your hand out in a project-based setting, there is still a chance to climb the ladder growth with the opportunity to assimilate into a company you connect with.